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Art Glass Services

We offer a variety of art glass services to bring your vision to life

Beveled Glass

Over the years, the use of beveled glass in doors, windows and cabinets has greatly increased. It enhances the beauty of an opening while remaining transparent and, for people who do not want to deal with colored glass, it offers an elegant alternative. We will often combine manufactured beveled glass clusters with other glasses in our designs. We will also de-sign original beveled glass windows and have them custom beveled out of town. When the bevels are returned to us, we assemble the window and install it.

Cabinet Door Glasses & Architectural Glasses

A large and still-grow-ing branch of our business involves providing and installing a variety of colorless textured glasses for cabinet doors – as well as other applications. Over time, Cosby Art Glass has built up a large inventory of of over 30 textures. The advantage of having so many textures in stock and on the premises is that the customer often doesn’t have to wait more than a day or two for their order to be cut and installed. Among the textures we have ready to hand are the following:

  • Spectrum Seeded
  • Spectrum Waterglass

Antique (GNA)

  • Spectrum Vecchio

Architectural Glasses

  • Spectrum Rain

Textured Glasses

  • Spectrum Baroque
  • Spectrum Cord
  • Salvage Glass
  • Restoration Glasses
  • Spectrum Granite
  • *German New
  • Pilkington
  • Wissmach
  • Sahara


A single entryway may include art glass window panels for the door, for one or more sidelights and for one or more transoms. The entryway is often designed with pri-vacy in mind, but other factors may also play a part: a desire for more light or less light, more color or less color, etc. Many people prefer no color now, and are interested in clear beveled, textured or sandblasted glass. We will work with you in designing and executing the entryway that you want.

Glass Selection

We don’t dictate what colors and textures are to be used in the customer’s window(s). When we have completed the drawing for the window and the customer has accepted it, we go over the different glasses to be used together. We will make our recommendations, but the customer makes the decision. We have a large inventory of art glass, but, if the right one isn’t in our stock, we can special order it

Matching of Broken Panes for Color and/or Texture

When antique windows or lamps are broken, we will do our best to find a match. Many of the glasses used in the manufacture of the original pieces are still being produced.

Original Artwork

Both Chris and Tim have training in the Fine Arts and we do all of our own design work. If the customer wants a depiction of an auto race in the Art Nouveau style we can do it. If the customer has an existing design – even if it is only a thumbnail sketch on a napkin – we can adapt it to the requirements of the art glass medium. If the customer has a hard time explaining what they are after, we can usually sketch out what they’re thinking of.

Painted and Kiln-Fired Glass

Many details can be achieved in art glass windows with the use of paint: faces, hands, clothing, bird feathers, grasses, lettering, numbers, etc. The paint is applied to the glass and then fired at high temperature in a kiln.The paint combines with the glass and becomes a permanent part of it.

Glass Repair Work

Much of our work involves the repair of existing art glass windows, both antique and recent work. Work ranges from the minor repair of a single broken pane, up to the removal, total dismantling and re-leading of large antique windows. We do our best to match any broken glass as closely as possible. If the woodwork needs repair, we work closely with Window Restoration, Co. and can have the required work done at cost.


We do sandblasting on a number of levels, including stenciling and sandblasting patterns on large or small sheets of clear glass for entryways, shower doors, cabinet doors, etc. We also use sandblasting in delicately detailing colored glass birds, flowers. leaves, fish, etc. for windows. We often use sandblasting to depict the various elements in a family coat of arms.

All Styles of Art Glass

We can design in virtually any historic art style: Greek, Cel- tic, Medieval, Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts, Art Deco, etc. Sometimes the style is determined by the architectural style of the house or building, sometimes by the proposed use for the build-ing and sometimes simply by the desire of the customer.